A wide range of high quality products, an efficient and flexible service, oriented to the particular needs of each customer.

Who we are

Remaches Factory is a company that distributes fixing systems. Our innovative distribution system eliminates the need for intermediaries between the manufacturer and the customer to reduce costs and delivery times. Powered by the exclusive partnership with a leading company in the production of riveting systems, Remaches Factory offers a wide range of certified products of high quality at convenient conditions, through an efficient and flexible service able to satisfy every customer’s need.

The quality of our products is guaranteed by an effective control system, certified by the most important certification bodies worldwide.
We are able to provide certificates in accordance with the most common standards regarding: raw material, surface treatments, measurement of product performance and other types.

The constant standard of quality and technical specifications of our products is guaranteed by our exclusive partnership with Wuxi Anshida Hardware.


A wide range of fastening systems


Remaches Factory offers the customer different supply solutions.

Flexibility on the type of shipment

  • Full Container directly from the production site in China
  • Shipments from our European warehouse

Flexibility on the type of packaging

  • Industrial Cartons
  • Boxes of 1000/500/250 pieces

A wide range of products and services designed for you awaits you!